TTIP Resources and Studies


  • AmCham EU has a Twitter account devoted specifically to TTIP and other trade-related issues. Follow at:
  • EurActiv has established a “Trade and Society” tab on its website (co-sponsored by AmCham EU) providing the latest updates on EU trade issues. 


  • Daniel Hamilton and Joseph Quinlan released the 2015 edition of “The Transatlantic Economy,” an annual survey of jobs, trade and investment between the US and Europe.
  • VoteWatch Europe has produced an excellent report detailing how EU parliamentarians are likely to vote on TTIP as well as where EU countries stand on the issue.
  • The European Commission released a brochure on the “Top 10 Myths About TTIP” aiming to separate fact from fiction on aspects of the agreement.
  • Leading US and Canadian law scholars made a strong case for the inclusion of ISDS in free trade agreements in an open letter to American leaders.
  • The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies published a brief entitled, “TTIP in Focus: 11 Myths Exposed.”

TTIP in other European countries

  • BritishAmerican Business released earlier this year an excellent report on the benefits of TTIP for the UK.
  • The Irish government published an independent study on the impact of TTIP in Ireland. The study found that TTIP would add 1.1% to GDP and create up to 10,000 jobs.
  • The Alliance for Responsible Commerce, an initiative of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – Sweden's largest employer confederation – is a resource that promotes the benefits of a TTIP agreement.